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Fresh Ideas for Sociology Essay Writing



The most students do not like writing essays. This is explained by the difficulties they can face at the very beginning. How to chose the only none subject among the huge diversity of variants? First of all, you need to realize, that you will have to spend a long time to learn how to write a qualitative assignment.

Without a thorough preparation, your professor or a teacher won't give you a high mark. The good skills and good results will be seen in several months when 20-25 essays will be created. When you work hard and systematically the high effectiveness will be apparent. It is your teacher who can assist you with good essay writing, but you should be interested in reaching good results and should be ready for mistakes. He is lifeless who is faultless (a proverb which can be taken as a subject on sociology).

What is sociology?

This is the study of society, the functioning of society, the human social relationships and systems of society. The main goal of this wonderful science is to analyze and assess the structure of social relations which are being formed in the course of social interaction. Sociology is an amazing science which allows us to see and value the of our lives, our communities and the whole World.

In 1840, the term “sociology” was used the first time by a French philosopher Auguste Comte. But even before 1840, Confucius and thinkers of Ancient Egypt and India showed their interest in social affairs.

Sociology touches every sphere of the human life: love, romantic, religion, war, family, race and gender identity, poverty and wealth, education, population growth, migration of people, economic and business development and many other issues.

The students who have been studied sociology possess the skills of critical thinking about the life. It is not a big deal to create the qualitative research projects, collect and asses the empirical facts and data as well as provide the information they gathered for the research work. When you attend the classes on sociology you will be acknowledged about how to help other people to understand the human relationships and what to do to improve their life. You will be trained how to think, evaluate and communicate with other people without fear, but easily and friendly. Studying this subject will be the biggest input in your future profession and further life, which is full of misunderstanding, conflicts and problems.


Topics for Sociology Essay

Sociology is an interesting science and writing an essay about any social subject would be useful for you. If you do not know what you would like to talk about in your essay, the topics below are here to help you:

1. Strategies for survival in the modern family; 

2. Social support received from relatives and friends; 

3. Do other people help each other under modern conditions? 

4. A historical event that has changed your life and influenced on it; 

5. Problems after entering a college: what difficulties do wait on a student? 

6. Violence in a family; 

7. Consequences of violence in a family; 

8. Territorial inequality; 

9. Differences in living standards of people; 

10. Discrimination in employment by sex: reasons, types and ways/mechanisms of maintenance;

This is not all topics which can be used by you. The subject which you are going to study proposes an endless list of subjects which are interesting to be researched, investigated and represented to the professional sociologists.

1. The concept of “understanding” as M. Weber's social method; 

2. Up-to-date sociological theories; 

3. A psychological approach in sociology: G. Tard and G. Lebon; 

4. The place of sociology in the scientific knowledge system; 

5. Auguste Comte — the founder of sociology; 

6. G Spencer's evolutionary sociology; 

7. Max Weber's sociology; 

8. Durkheim's sociological concepts; 

9. Parson's sociological theories; 

10. M. Weber's bureaucracy theory. 

For the younger reader, the provided above topics may be boring, which is why you are able to continue choosing.

1. Do women have fewer privileges than men in the modern society? 

2. Your opinion about the men who beat women. Is it acceptable to you? 

3. Is it normal for a man to keep a house instead of women? 

4. Have the children right to change their first names and last names if they do not like their present ones? 

5. Violence on the computer games; 

6. Should young people wait until their 21 to get married? 

7. Does the TV programs about pregnancy in the tender age provoke early pregnancy? 

8. Does a friendship between a man and a woman exist? 

9. Is beauty got more important than intelligence in the modern society? 

10. Imagine that your friend or relative is drugs addicted. What would you do? 

Yes, these topics are hotter, but this is not all we can offer. You are going to be surprised about how interesting the life is when you dip yourself deeper into the endless World of sociological topics.

1. Social conflicts in the modern world; 

2. How to put an end to the quarrels in a family? 

3. The Global warming: is it possible to stop it? 

4. Sexual minorities and social problems; 

5. Development of social movements; 

6. Future prospects of social movements; 

7. Propaganda and advertising as the origins of mass communication; 

8. Theories of social evolution; 

9. The social context for second-wave feminism; 

10. Measures of quality of life. 

There are the quotations of the famous people, which can excite your muse and you will write an amazing essay which deserves the highest mark:

1.” Philosophy leads to death, sociology leads to suicide”. Jean Baudrillard; 

2. “A sufficient measure of a civilization is the influence of good women”. Ralph Waldo Emerson; 

3. “You must learn to use your life experience in your intellectual work: continually examine and interpret it”. C. V. Mills; 

4. “One can't love humanity. One can only love people”. Graham Green; 

5. “While economics is about how people make choice, sociology is about how they don't have any choice to make”. Bertrand Russell 

6. “Men are created different; they lose their social freedom and their individual autonomy in seeking to become like each other”. David Riesman; 

7. “It is always of interest to know what strikes another human being as remarkable”. Graham Green 

The life of every person is unique, full of interesting, sometimes scared but exciting moments and events. Sometimes it is difficult to find an answer to the questions which arise in the life. There is an expression, that it is easy to solve somebody's else problems.

But what if you have no one who can help in solving your own problems? In this situation, you have the only help — science. It is a science about every aspect of our life which has the answers to any question you have.

There were plenty of wise and experienced thinkers, who have spent their lives in answering the questions which disturb you now. You may rely on their help, their knowledge, studies and hard work which is imprinted in the numerous books, magazines and articles. With their free and always available help, you easily create the best essay ever without any problems.

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