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How to Write Brilliant Observation Essay


observation essay


Before tackling the selection of an interesting topic for observation essay, one is to understand the basic characteristics of this type of written composition. The information that will be used for work later is the result of the accumulated experience and impressions obtained in the course of ordinary observations, without active innervation in the course of any event.

You can write about observations of people and animals, as well as everything connected with them. You can describe places or events, phenomena or objects. You can compare this type of written description with the transfer of exhaustive evidence on a given topic.

What is an Observation Essay

Observation of the subject in the essay is recreated according to a number of impressions and observations that took place in the life of the author himself. The description can be supplemented with narrative elements that will decorate a storytelling, dilute the dry facts and analytical notes of the writer.

In describing this type we are to exclude the scope of the subject and also omit the details of the history of its use. Describe the external, physical features of the subject, creating it so that the reader has the impression that he is twirling this object in his hands or examine it carefully. It is recommended to use facts related to the material, color, size, form, environment, etc.

Tips for Writing an Essay Observation

The writing is designed in such a way as to give a reader the opportunity to become a passive witness of every event or phenomenon that is referred to in the text. The author`s task is to convey a vivid idea of everything he writes about.

The reader should be given the chance to visually review the description and feel himself the participant of the events not through direct appearance, but thanks to quality content provided. The author of this kind of essay writing becomes like a film director who conveys the topic not with the help of video, but using letter symbols only, correctly selecting words and arranging them in phrases and sentences.

The author is the transfer link between the real fact and the reader. When drafting an observation, a writer cannot be confined to a purely descriptive method, since this already would be a descriptive essay. Good composition requires a competent combination of the transmission of observation and the author`s analysis of what is happening. The balance observance of these concepts allows us to recreate the whole picture indicated in the topic and not to weight the narration over with the writer`s own thoughts.

The technique of drawing of this type of essay is actively based on main human feelings. As a result, the reader perceives events or phenomena, which are narrated in observation essay as an experience that he practiced personally.

Observation Essay Features

The detailed description of any event, person or fact reveals the author`s ability to observe and analyze. This skill has a positive impact on the development of the personality and harmonious perception of reality. It is not enough just to consider interesting information, it is necessary to present it to the ready effectively. It is not just a text, therefore it is a complete immersion in what have been described by the author.

This is important to take it into account when choosing a topic, because an author should have a hint of understanding of the selected problems or be interested in the indicated issue. This will help to convey the information in the colorful and clear manner to the reader.

Structure Requirements for an Observation Essay

After the topic is chosen, every writer`s thought should be stated in brief theses that should be supplemented by an evidence base. The availability of factual information will inspire the reader`s confidence and will not raise doubts about the veracity of the author`s words.

Facts can be presented in the form of phenomena that occur in everyday life or are the pages of life experiences of the author or his friend and relatives. It is good to use a number of scientific evidence that can be framed in redirection to the words of opinion leaders in various fields of science or other spheres of human life.

Essay Topic Ideas

1. The way you overcame the most complicated problem in your life. 

2. The principal visual features of any video game. 

3. The privilege of online studying. 

4. The perfect teacher personality. 

5. How does your pet affect your life? 

6. What is the psychological atmosphere at everyday home life? 

7. What the jealous looks like? 

8. Who are real heroes? 

9. How to distinguish a person who fall in love? 

10. What effect do the books make in our lives? 

11. What influenced you the most during this summer vacation? 

12. What the dream house looks like? 

13. The best restaurant I ever attended. 

14. What is the profession of a pilot? 

15. Is the money importance overvalued in the world? 

16. What is the most important thing for every person? 

17. Is religion important for people? 

18. What is the difference between the white- and black skinned people accept the color? 

19. Is literacy important in modern society? 

20. The most attractive kind of sports. 

21. Is loneliness the best pill for every problem? 

22. What are the basic criteria when chose a person for friendship? 

23. How has the moral right to give any piece of advice? 

24. Are all newborns genius ones? 

25. What is the God? 

26. What is the most important technical item for human evolution? 

27. Does writing actual after the typing appearance? 

28. What does the ideal princess look? 

29. What is the palace life of any monarchy representative? 

30. How is the example person for you? 

31. What is the early spring season looks like? 

32. Why every person feels unhappy during the life period? 

33. How does your personal feelings influence the general atmosphere in class? 

34. How does your personal experience affect the younger generation treatment? 

35. What the faith means to people? 

Constant development of observational abilities and skills, compilation of a composition according to the existing structure and selection of a successful topic will help to active excellent results in the formation of the observation essay.

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