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How To Write a Book Report

You can think that a book report is a pretty boring occupation. We rush you to disbelieve in this because this process can become fascinating. First, it gives you the opportunity to discover a new work, which is already pretty good. Secondly, you will find the potential of the writer.

Understand the details

If you write a report for yourself, then you can arrange it as you please. Its structure and appearance depend completely on you. If you received this kind of assignment from your teacher, you need to clarify a few points. Carefully study all the requirements that you are given and, in event of the misunderstanding, contact the teacher. It is preferable to send all the disputed points at once, then in the future to redo the document again. Specify exactly what the task requires of you: simply transfer the main points of the book without any additives, or analyze and express your position about the plot.

Study the material

Finally, we moved on to the fundamental part of your assignment - read the book.

- Find a secluded place where you could completely surrender to reading and so that you do not interfere and do not interrupt;

- Do not make reading torture. If you can concentrate on reading for only half an hour, then read with pauses. If you can read more, do not stop yourself, just let your eyes rest and do various exercises for the vision;

- Read carefully and thoughtfully. Good writing is not conducive to the fact that you quickly study the material or leaf trough uninteresting moments for you. Stood with patience read perseveringly while thinking about what was written;

- Set yourself a deadline because it may happen that time will be running out, and you have not read half of the book. In this event, you will start chaotically scrolling through pages clinging to a couple of lines. This can do anything will and you can not expect a good evaluation for your report.


Do not be like those who follow the path of least resistance and use other peoples' labors on the net. We are confident that it will not give you a full understanding of the book.

Take notes

It does not matter what you use a piece of paper or your smartphone, but its mandatory to make notes. Prepare a pen and a notebook or open a text document on your computer to record there the most significant points. Write out what surprised you, affected your soul or inspired. If you find any disputable moment that caused you indignation, be confident to put it in your notation. Write out the most accurate quotes that will reveal the most popular moments. Here is the personage's characterization, which is a beautiful expression: "My mind is my weapon. Brother James has a sword, King Robert has a battle hammer, and I have a mind, and he needs books like a sword in a grindstone, so as not to be blunt".

Format for writing

Many begin to deal with the design already after the main work is written. But we would advise you to draw up a plan with the points of your report in order to facilitate the work in the future. In order for the text to be readable, the thread of the story must smoothly flow from one paragraph to the next. As the text accumulates, your structure may slightly change. Write down your plan (list, structure) on a piece of paper or just type on the computer. Take into account all the requirements that the teacher set before you, so as not to drop your future assessment.

Sample plans for your report can be :

1) Description of the book, its title, and author. Why did you decide to take this particular book? Did you advise her or does it belong to an area that you like?;

2) The scene on which the plot unfolds. It can be a post-apocalyptic world and actions take place in a ruined city. Describe the surrounding world with the help of quotations, so that it was possible to feel the "smell" of that atmosphere;

3) Characters. Using quotes from the book, illustrate how they looked and what characters they possessed. Do not forget about your notes, there you have the list of names;

4) The plot. What exactly occurred during the narrative, how the characters behaved and what the final of this story is. Note how it all began, capture the beginning, the turn of events and the final ;

5) Thoughts of the author of the report. Pour out all your emotions on paper, whatever they are. Write the conclusion for summing up the reading.


After you finish your work and decorate it, be confident to read it again to fix all the errors. It is advisable that you ask someone to read your work. One head is good, but two is better and a lot of small errors can simply not be taken into account by you. Compare your work with the list of requirements to avoid embarrassment.

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