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How to Write a Discussion Essay

In order to understand what a discussion essay is, it is necessary to rephrase this linguistic term. When telling in simple words, it means that this is a text where the author`s reasoning reduces to an answer the query posed in the title and started with the Why-question.


Typical Characteristics of a Discussion Essay

To compose a literate paper writing in a given style, careful theoretical and practical preparation is necessary. To obtain high results, it is important for the author to use the maximum number of existing literary techniques.

The purpose of a discussion essay is to convince the audience of the truthfulness of his thoughts or his point of view. Through the text in which the arguments are used, the writer can change or strengthen the opinion of his readers on the given question set on the topic heading.

The indicated goal shows that the foundation of a discussion essay is to choose one special idea that will be accessible to the understanding of the target audience. Later on, when composing a context, this settlement is to subsequently formulated and substantiated from different points of view.


A Discussion Essay Structure

This type of composition consists of three main parts as if any other essay is.

An opening part contains a one or several theses, which are presented in a form of statements, requiring the collection of an amount of evidence. As a rule, the main idea is placed in the title or in the initial paragraph.

The main part or text body of the composition is built on arguments that color the context with evidence, arguments or examples.

The final section includes the inference in which the author repeats the thought indicated at the beginning of the text since it has already been proved through content.


A Detailed Plan for a Discussion Essay Writing

1. Formation of the main thought in the text

This item is relevant if the topic is not specified and the title should be determined independently. Since this basic thesis is subsequently to be proved, the question or a statement put at the head of the forthcoming composition should be clear and fully formulated.

2. The argument's usage

For this type of composition, it is not enough for the author to tell the reader his own vision of the problematic. The thesis is to be supplemented by evidence that has already taken place in a reality. Persuade the audience through the visual examples. The mention of historical facts, dates or events, which can be checked at any time in any of the relevant authoritative sources, which can serve as reference books, encyclopedias, scientific works is a successful method.

In addition, the unquestionable arguments are statistical information, as well as news.

When describing literary works, it is important to refer to the initial source, to use citations and excerpts from the text, which are the most vivid confirmation of the thought indicated by the author.

The facts from the writer`s personal experience considered to be as unique arguments. However, such testimonies should be given in a combination with a well-known authoritative evidence. Ideally, the sequential placement of arguments is considered in the following order:

a) a highly convincing;

b) a sufficiently cogent;

c) the most conclusive.

The arguments that are chosen correctly almost always answer the Why-question. For an essay, it is sufficient to use two or three proofs of your point of view. Schematically, you can determine the size of this section as 2/3 of the total essay volume.


3. The final section

The conclusions are a repetition of the title thesis, which acquired a new form in the process of reasoned evidence. At the final paragraph the leitmotif of the composition is supplemented by the extended generalizing arguments, the quality of which is raised by the usage of thoughts, recommendations, forecasts, ideas, rules, advice, etc.

To maximize the involvement of the audience in the discussion process after defining the main task, it is recommended to include in the structure an entry with a volume of no more than two or four sentences. This method helps the reader to find it easier to understand the main message of the author and assess the relevance of the submitted idea.


How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Compiling a Discussion Essay

Typical problems are not only errors in spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar or stylistics. The degree of the composition effectiveness depends on the author`s care and awareness in the main principles of writing. It is necessary to follow a number of simple rules in order to ensure that the quality does not decrease.

1. Understand the goals of the chosen composition style.

2. Do not replace the one genre of a written statement with another.

3. Stick to the chosen topic.

4. Watch for compliance of the arguments with the established main issue.

5. Follow the logic when dividing the text by paragraphs.

6. Draw the main thesis thoroughly and consistently with subsequent conclusions.

In order to ensure that each of these points were observed in accuracy, the important item is the choice of the topic. Only that question, in which the author understands well can be fully disclosed to convince the reader of his unquestionable arguments.


Top 20 Topics List for a Discussion Essay

1. A woman becomes more interesting with age.

2. It is better to be an only child or to grow up surrounded by a large family?

3. Do people need a nickname?

4. How much important is a school uniform?

5. The first love is the measure of interpersonal relationships in the future.

6. Food and water should be free for every person.

7. The World Wide Web is to be limited to kids.

8. People should have a right to choose when to retire.

9. Sports stars are the product of TV and Internet promotion experts.

10 It is important to have a choice of college disciplines.

11. The UK education system is one of the best in the world.

12. The main languages are English, French and Chinese in the 21st century.

13. Fewer young people are interested in academic grading.

14. The ratings do not reflect the real situation in the educational system.

15. The modern educational system is more loyal than in the 19th century.

16. The healthy weight attainment is often harmful to any human being.

17. Physical education is important for men and women.

18. The Olympic sport ruined the lives of thousands of sportsmen.

19. There is no tight interrelation between weight and physical activity.

20. Diets are a great part of a world advertising sector.

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