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How To Write a Marketing Essay


Marketers are constantly searching for an effective text formula. But the decision is easy: Elmo Lewis has formulated the perfect AIDA formula in 1986. There is no marketing specialist who is not familiar with this formula (A- attention; I- interest; D- desire; A- action). Let us see how it works using 7 easy tips to help you to write a perfect marketing essay.

Seven Steps To Write a Perfect Marketing Essay

1. Determine your aim

What is an effective text? This is a text, which helps you to achieve your goal. Before you start writing you need to decide what exactly you want to achieve. Do you want to bring the information to the reader or change his mind? Or to get the specific actions from the addressee? Formulate the goal as clearly as you can and keep it in your mind. This is a basis of your text. Agree that it is difficult to scatter the proposals between to different ideas. The goal should be only one. Otherwise, you can not create an effective text and the reader will not understand you.

2. Determine the target audience

When you have formulated the main idea, it is necessary to make the portrait of the audience to which you are addressing. You need to collect the information about the future readers:

- your topic must be relevant both to the business leaders and market analysts;

- determine what language do they speak (terminology, lingo, acceptable and unacceptable expressions, preferred treatment);

The better you understand your audience the more chances that you will create the effective text.

Keep the image of your reader before your eyes and write for him. The company "Procter and Gamble" has photos of the real clients on their walls.

3. We attract attention (A).

The most important task of the title is to interest the audience. If this task is not accomplished, then the final goal will not be achieved, because of the text will not be read.

It is necessary to bypass the filter of the selective attention. The human brain is structured in such a way that the information immediately falls down in the subconscious, from which it can not return to the consciousness at all. And only the most important ones breaks from the filter of the selective attention to the consciousness. But this process becomes very difficult because of the information noise. That is why the title should:

- shows clearly to whom the article is addressed;

- be relevant to the addressee, touch some important problem (the reader should think "Oh, this is for me").

- intrigue (do not immediately disclose all the secrets);

- be understandable.

4. Awaken the interest (I).

If you will give your reader the information which is interesting to him, you will get his attention. Do not shy away from the topic and speak in essence. Show the reader that you understand him, promise him a solution and get him involved in reading.

5. Awaken the desire (D).

To awaken the desire, show the reader that you can solve his problem, facilitate and improve his life. That is why we are beginning with a portrait of the typical representative of the target audience. Write in Present Tense to create "the effect of presence".

You need facts. This can be a reference to authority, figures, and examples from the proven sources and illustrations.

6. Call to action (A).

You need to give a call to action. Do you keep in mind the goal we have defined at the beginning? If you have forgotten it, it will be very easy to get away from the topic. We urge the reader to make a decision and in order to speed it up - we use additional benefits, we strengthen the offer and set the time limit.

It is not important not only to call to action but also give all the necessary information for it. You do not have to force the reader to look for something extra - this will greatly reduce the effect of your text.

7. Simplify the text.

You should make the text easy to read. If you can simplify something or reduce it - do it. It is important to reduce the "water', not the facts. It is better to remove unnecessary amplification. It is desirable to use negations rarely and not to allow more than one negative construction in the sentence. If it is possible, paraphrase the long and complex sentences. Divide them into two parts.

This formula can be applied to any marketing essay. Use this checklist for the verification:

1. Is the aim of the text clear?

2. Is it clear to whom the article is addressed?

3. Are the problems relevant to the audience?

4. Is the text written in a language which is understandable to the audience?

5. Does the text include the call to action?

6. If there is no "water" or superfluous words?

7. Do the subtitles and the formatting make the text more clear?


The List Of The Best Marketing Essay Topics

1. Asses of the vital components of the customer satisfaction.

2. What are the major impacts of marketing towards the modern strategy?

3. A branding as a tool of the future business success.

4. What is green marketing?

5. What is marketing communication?

6. Why the marketing planning is necessary?

7. What is ethical marketing and what does it entail?

8. What is a marketing audit and what is its impact on improving marketing?

9. What is a negative advertisement and how is it used?

10. The advantages and disadvantages of branding.

11. Telemarking and components ensuring its success?

12. The role of the marketing manager.


Use these easy tips and you will write a perfect marketing essay.

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