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How to Write a Thank You Note



Writing a thank you note can be a great pleasure for both addressee and addressee.

Do you want to make a note for granny, mother or a friend? Then keep on reading.



Step 1 Know the reason

Knowing the reason is a primary thing once you start writing a note. A postcard or a note is still a narration. Once you are aware of the reason, you may choose length, writing style of your note and on.


Step 2 Pick the format

True flight of fantasy! It can be a hand-made card, a hand-written card or just buy a simple card in the nearest shop. As well, it can be a digital note. If you still tend to choose a physical note, you can pre-made it or add special details for the person. We recommend to share something personal (memories, photos) to make a person feel like a note was made specially for him.


Step 3 Lets start with a draft

We know what you were thinking. A draft? Who needs a draft for a thank you note?

Never-the-less, it will help you to write a structured note. Use our format to start with your draft:

  1. Greeting or congratulations
  2. The major thought of a note
  3. A thing you are thankful for
  4. Summing up, relevant news, conclusion


Step 4 Proofreading and editing your draft

Mistakes and mistypes are not acceptable in a thank you note. It is no more than 100 words, do not hurry and proofread your note minimum twice. If you are not confident about grammar and spelling, you may use Grammarly or other services. Another tip - ask your friends' for help and they will proofread your note.

If you stumble upon the following issues, you'd preferably erase them from your note: too long note, wordy text, impersonal, rude or incorrect tone, grammar or any other errors, spelling the recipient's name/surname wrong.

Step 5 Sending the note 'someday'

We understand that you cannot wait to send a note once you're done with it. Once it's mistakes-free and fully polished, do not wait and do it. Some people just make it off: they forget to come by a post office. Getting a thank you note for New Year's present in May, for instance, is not funny, it is full.

If you're sending a thank you note to your possible future boss, send it ASAP since you're still fresh in the manager's mind.

Now lets come up with a thank you note example: 

Dear John Doe, 

I really enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday for tea and cookies. It was an enlightening for my personality, I was mesmerized how passionate you are about your business and family. 

I want to say thank you for this inspiration and for guidance you gave me. Now I clearly see my career path — you have gave me a hand in the proper place and time. Even I'm in a high school, I appreciate that valuable career advice. It is always a pleasure to understand yourself and your future, this time such feeling was brought to my life by you. 

With gratitude, 

Sara Johnson 

If you want to say 'thank you', but you are not sure it will be appropriate, check our reasons for thank you notes.

4 Reasons to Write a Thank you Note

If you really want to hand made some note, you understand the need of it and the major aim. If you cannot see the need of a note, there are 4 reasons:

1. It's a great way to say 'thank you' for a gift. Lets picture that when you were out of town celebrating your birthday, a friend of yours has come to your house and left a present. Yes, you can send a simple SMS or contact him via Messenger, but believe us that a real postdate will be taken as a great pleasure. The majority of people tend to write 'thank you' notes because it's a great way to thank for a gift.

2. Have you ever thought about writing a note after your job interview? It is one more method to make your future boss recognize you. It goes without mentioning that your professional background, career and education matter, why not to use all chances to draw attention of a hiring manager? If you are going to attend job interview, write a post note a few days after that.

3. A note also suits for showing gratitude for help. Do you want to thank your professor since he has been helping you with diploma for two years? Do you appreciate that career advice your advisor gave you? If you strive to say 'thank you' for support in dark times, a note is also a good choice.

4. If you strive to show your sincere appreciation for something, it is another great occasion. Yes, this piece of advice is similar to all previous ones, but you'd accept our view— there are people in our lives who seem to be 'regular', not our heroes. Our parents, friends, our soulmates. The veracity is every day they do a complex job backing you up. We're talking about your close friends or even barista you meet every day in a coffee shop.

You do not need a special occasion to say thank you if you feel that appreciation, gratitude or help.

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