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How to Write a Good Essay in Economics

I guess not only the students mastering a grade in Economics face the necessity to write economic-related essays. Due to the fact that Economy is an essential sphere of our life the assignments of such kind are widely used by the tutors. There are even Universities, where the economic paper accounts for 60% of the total grades. Variable economic writing assignments are an important part of the curriculum, as they allow the tutors to quickly and efficiently evaluate the level of students' knowledge and adjust their work to make it better.

If you want to have success in your studies at present, you should master the art of creating perfect essays on economics. However, a well-written academic paper in this field can be a hard nut to crack. Essay writing can at times really be a challenging, time-consuming, and nerve-racking undertaking. Let's study some tips, which will help you to create the top-notch paper in Economics.

What is an Economics essay?

The first image coming into the mind of most people at the word economics is money. It's partially right, but money is not all about money. It's about supply and demand, consumerism and production, trading policies and interest rates, employment rate and inflation and not only. Students of different specialties may be concerned about macro- and micro-economic issues, the problems of the world economy and the ones at the local level, study various topics and the inter-influence of the factors between different fields of science and economics.

The field of economy is manifold, so are the research papers in this knowledge area, but being a modern student, you can not, but cope with any of them demonstrating the in-depth approach, sparking knowledge of the subject, and perfect arrangement of the factual material. There are tons of essay examples, which are heavy on theory (and without any doubts it's important) but lack current information. The fundamentals of a good piece of writing on the economy should be logic, clarity, brevity, accuracy, and simplicity.

How to create a good Economics Essay.

Aiming for an excellent grade you should make a profound research before you start creating your work as it is. Having got some ideas in the process of your thorough investigation, you will be ready to choose a topic and to put forward the working thesis for your paper. With all these in mind, you will be able to create a detailed outline for your essay and then create a really state-of-art paper based on it.

Preparatory Stage.

1. Analyze your question carefully, make sure you understand it in full.

Pick out and highlight the most essential point of it, or break down a complex topic into component parts.

For instance, the task to analyze the consequences of rising real estate prices and decreasing interest rates from the point of view of macroeconomics can be split into two parts, one touching upon the rising prices for housing and another dealing with the falling interest rates. You can investigate the two aspects separately and then write about their interrelation and how they influence one another. Nevertheless, you should not deviate from the topic.

A good idea may also be to highlight the keywords in your question and work with them. They will be helpful for you to indicate the major points to focus on. If the question is too difficult for your understanding - rephrase it or clarify with your tutor.

2. Research your topic.

You may start with your notes taken in class, asking some questions and advice from your professor and then proceed to the textbooks and the reference list you've got. Find out the precise meaning of the terms you should operate in your work. Make notes on the relevant topics or theories you study, they can be quite handy later.

3. Formulate your thesis.

As any thesis statement of an educational research paper, yours should be short, yet attentive grabbing. Your thesis should be not more than 2 sentences long and answer the major question your essay is devoted to. Keep in mind that it should differ from the topic of your work as it only indicates the subject under study, while the thesis statement should reflect your own position as to the topic and it can even be arguable.

4. Make a plan.

We've already mentioned the outline above, but it's not the same. It's too early to think of an outline at this stage of essay creation you should sort out the material you've studied, decide which ideas you'd like to focus on, structure them in a proper way and make sure they are all related to the topic you have. Keep in mind that it's extremely important not to veer from your topic and to stick to your major question.

4. Think your essay structure over.

Though most of the educational research papers have the same structure: Introduction, the Main Body and the Conclusion, at this stage you should make up your mind as to how you are going to structure your piece of writing.

The Main Body paragraphs will contain the most important information, data, and details of your work. Each of the paragraphs may have the following sub-structure: Main Idea, Reasoning, Evidence. Thus having each a key point, they should be set in the proper logical order. If your assignment is longer than usual, you can divide it into more sections. Nevertheless, always take into consideration the expected scope of your written work, don't make attempts to squeeze every interesting point, in your opinion, into it, even if it's quite relevant. It makes sense to concentrate only on the several most important issues and to provide a detailed analysis of them.

The Introduction and the conclusion can be just one paragraph long each.

5. Write an Introduction.

As soon as all the preparatory work is done and you have a proper plan and outline of your future essay, the ideas are also structured in your mind and you are ready to proceed with the paper writing. Here we come to the point when every student should introduce his work and topic. A good introduction should contain the definition of the major term, provide an overview of the main arguments and approach used. Here you should reveal the main thesis of your work and remember to make him catchy and grabbing attention. Your thesis statement is the key point, which determines the readers' interest in your piece of writing and consequently your grade to some extent.

A precise and clear statement is beneficial for you as a writer as well, it will help you remain focused throughout the essay, keep it in the forefront of your mind while working on your paper.

6. Create Your Main Body Paragraphs.

Having set the tone to your whole research paper in your brief yet catchy introduction, you can move on and work on your body paragraphs. As a rule, there are few of them. Each paragraph of the body has its own main idea, which is succinctly conveyed in a single sentence. It should not be necessarily the introductory sentence, but it should be supported further in the passage with a proper evidence.

The topic sentence may be elaborated with details, examples, facts, statistical data. The more specific you will manage to be in your reasoning and evidence, the more expert you'll seem to your audience. An additional plus to your rating here will be thinking or the possible counterarguments, it will show your reader that you have approached the question from various viewpoints and thought about the potential problems and questions which can arise in this context. It will also demonstrate that you've anticipated the possible questions on the part of your audience.

Remember about the logic of your body paragraphs arrangement, you can take importance, chronology or causation as a basis for your essay body structure, but your narration should anyway go smooth, don't forget it either. You can't let stuff be all around the place.

7. Conclude.

The final and the most pleasant for the majority of students part of work is the conclusion. The bulk of the work has really been already done, nevertheless, it's too early to relax. The importance of a solid conclusion should not be underestimated. People often remember the first and the last phrase, do you remember?

So, obviously, you should summarize the whole work, it's important to answer the initial question as well and to underline the significance of your answer and consequently your research. A good idea is to be original here, you can also raise the question of the future of your research or of the issue you have investigated, of the possible consequences. Think how you can wrap the whole content of your work into a neat wrapping for the reader to take it further away.

8. Check, Proofread, Revise!

With the last full stop you've put in your economics essay conclusion, your work yet does not stop. It's still a draft and it definitely needs careful and attentive revision. So re-read your work once more. It will help you to understand if you have managed to mention everything you wanted to if you have provided enough evidence and proper arguments if the whole work is really a logical and comprehensive study of the question under review.

A good idea, if you have enough time for that, to do it several days or even a week later again, it will allow you to have a fresh view on the paper you have created and double-check if your writing is clear to those who read it.

In the process of going through your paper, again and again, proofread it for grammar mistakes, spelling, and style. Even some minor mistakes can not only decrease your grade significantly but spoil the impression about you as an expert.

A good idea is also to ask someone of your fellow students or friends to peer-edit your essay and provide his second opinion as to it.

9. Create a proper reference list.

Referencing and citation are extremely important in academic writing, so check the list for the proper items and style, don't mention the references you did not refer to and don't forget any. Otherwise, you risk facing plagiarism issues.

Finally, after your work is finished, you can submit it, but only as soon as you have ensured it's polished enough to seem ideal!

And the last but not the least: to help you find some inspiration for your economic essay, we've prepared a list of sample topics in the field.

1. An economic study of the interrelation between the unemployment and inflation.

2. How illegal immigration influences the economy of the USA

3. Economic Instability and Microeconomics.

4. What is a modern consumerism in the American culture?

5. Define Interest rates as a political factor.

With all the above in mind, we are sure you will create the outstanding essay which will not only impress your professor but will be of great value for the economic science on the whole.

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