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Observation Essay Writing Tips & Topics

Do you want to remain an unforgettable train on the memory of the reader? They you are able to easily achieve that by using our tips on writing an observation essay. We have prepared for you 7 tips on writing such type of paper and 30 topics you may choose to leave an unforgettable mark.

What stands for Observation Essay?

If it's your 1st time you're wiring such essay, do not worry. It looks like other essay: introduction, body, conclusion. Whence, in OE you need to pay attention to personal experience. If we have to name only one thing that matters in such essay, it would be your own view, opinion, your own life experience.

Especially you'll like this type of essay if you love to share your thoughts, to argue and to discuss everything with your friends. To the point, a good piece of advice is to write 1-3 posts on the chosen topic before you start writing your OE.

7 Things About Observation Essay you Need to Keep in Mind

1. Don’t forget the personal touch. Allowing people to add your experience to theirs and identifying with it is your main goal.

2. Remain objective at all times.

3. Always appeal to personal experience by using the situations you faced during your entire life. It helps the readers to identify themselves with you or, at least, to know you better.

4.Avoid using a lot of unnecessary words just to make your essay longer. If you manage to reduce the amount of transitional & introductory words in your essay, you will get a lot more clear topic and thesis statement.

5.The descriptive narrative and the observation essay have a lot in common so feel free to use the human senses. Try to provoke a reaction that appeals to one of these five during your essay.

6.Always have something to take notes on. The importance of putting the events on paper as fresh as possible is of extreme importance.

7. Don’t forget about the Bibliography and proofread your paper twice.

30 Ultimate Observation Essay Topics

We have gathered for you the most interesting OE topics, you may choose one of them if it suits your subject.

1. Body piercing: to be or not to be? 

2. Whos a true leader? 

3. Online education: pros and cons. 

4. Video games: lots of fun or danger? 

5. Role of social networks in our life 

6. Does punctuality matter? 

7. Could we live without money? 

8. Importance of freedom 

9. Does we need time-management in schools? 

10. TOP-3 experiences which changed your life 

11. Does sports develop leadership? 

12. What stands for success for you? 

13. 3 persons who changed your life 

14. What's the perfect gift for any person? 

15. The book you can read over and over again 

16. Honesty. What means 'to be honest'? 

17. Music as a therapy 

Check some advanced topics if you strive to write 5+ pages OE

18. Why is it easy to establish relations in a bus, train or plane?

— You would not normally talk to strangers, play with them or approach by in any other way. It comes to reality just like that because you have free time and people closely around you.

19. Why do people who were born in poor families visit restaurants and opulent places like malls very reluctantly? What is the solution? What can we do to them to take at ease? 

— Poor people do not feel discomfort as much as they're in the midst of people of their strata, but they feel really uncomfortable when they visit named 'luxury' places. Whence, for the vast majority of people these places are not 'luxury', they are regular.

20. For the time being, children become more and more deviant. Is that true or false? 

— Probably distractions like Internet and tech devices are playing their part or may be we are pretty disillusioned.

21. Observe some tendencies of a gambler as one fosters love and compassion with people only to take advantage of him. Which feelings stand for it? 

— A gambler is constantly on the lookout for sources which can ingratiate him with money. Observe and evaluate it in your paper.

22. Why are old mountains fascinating and old castles haunting? 

– Probably it is a unique way of putting our mindset on the platter.

23. Observe some changing patterns of fathers as their kids grow from toddlers to adolescents and then to adults. 

—Fathers tend to change their attitude and get rid of their layers like an onion as their kids grow. A detailed observation should be provided in the essay.

24. Observe back-biting traits in corporate offices 

– Employees keep trying to bag promotions and show the same-stream colleagues in poor light. Assess through an enterprising essay.

25. Why do great friends suddenly turn great enemies or vice-versa? 

– It has been historically observed that those with immense love for each other suddenly garner intense hatred for each other. Observe and analyze.

26. What makes a suicide bomber do what he does 

– It would be interesting to note what goes into the mind of a suicide bomber.

27. Observe the existence of casting couch in the movie industry 

– One cannot deny the existence of casting couch as several women keep succumbing to injudicious demands of the directors. Make a quality assessment of the situation.

You may choose any topic; you are limited only with a subject. The topics can cover wedding, definitions, books, etc.

28. Can death result from video games? 

29. What are the real needs of wedding ceremony? 

30. Books appropriate for any age

To sum up, writing such type of essay is not that hard if you strive to observe and analyze the topic from A to Z, if you use the most relevant sources and if you really want to discuss this topic. We recommend you to choose a topic you're interested in since your work on the essay will be more productive in this case.

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