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Tips for Writing Thesis and Dissertation

How Not to Get Lost in Writing Thesis and Dissertation?

Each graduate student dreams to defend a dissertation worthy because of a lot of energy, nerves, and efforts. Undoubtedly, this type of paper requires full commitment and a high level of awareness. But some learners are confused when they hear from their supervisor the requirement to prepare a thesis for publication on the basis of the chosen research topic. In order not to confuse different types of documents, read our article.

Thesis Definition and Structure

The mentioned category means a kind of paper, the subject of which is an exhaustive generalization of theoretical material on the scientific problem with its critical analysis, defining of weight, and the formulation of new concepts. A similar type of work characterizes the unity of content. It is indicating the contribution of the applicant to science. The clarity of statements, the logic of highlighting the dominant ideas and the scope of the document are of particular significance.

The theses contain a brief summary of the scientific process, presented by the author to the community of scholars. In most cases, they refer to sources previously published in reputable articles or editions. Only not too far-sighted seekers of a scientific degree try to promote truly original discoveries through short abstracts that have not yet been published. But there is the danger. It lies in the fact that their intentions can be fired by colleagues, subsequently appropriating all the laurels.

A classical structure of the theses consists of a brief introduction to the issue, a numbered presentation of the arguments or separate paragraphs and conclusions, which summarizes the priority results and indicates the learner's plans for the future. As a rule, there are no references to literature.

But the authors regularly refer to their own research papers, monographs or articles for the purpose of self-promotion. In addition, most committees and founders of conferences ask researchers to send abstracts without a list of literature and graphs. There are no drawings, diagrams, tables, and other graphics.

The theses are relatively small in volume, from 0,1 to 0,3 printed sheets, about 4,000 to 12,000 symbols. For all candidates of a scientific degree, without exception, the theses, even if they are published in the collection of works of the most prestigious conference, are almost useless from a practical point of view. They are convenient to use only as an example. This is the approbation of the dissertation research, mentioned in the text of the abstract, with subsequent inclusion in the bibliographic list.

Features of the Dissertation

If you compare the candidate's and doctor's papers, then you need to say that the second requires more time-consuming and painstaking research. To protect a doctoral dissertation, one should be a candidate of science with a wide experience, have recognized achievements.

He should be able to conduct investigations at the highest level. Candidate dissertation is created with the purpose of the definition of a new, actual scientific problem, ways of its solution, revealing of post-graduate skills to the ability to work independently.

Contrary to popular belief, when you start writing a dissertation, you cannot immediately write its beginning. This is the most responsible part of the text, in which, as in an unclouded mirror, all of its virtues should be reflected, as elements of novelty that are tolerated to protect the situation.

All this may finally crystallize at the last stage of the work when full clarity is achieved in comprehending the chosen topic. It is necessary to achieve the optimal variant of the body in order to proceed to preamble and findings. Any paper has the next structural components.

§ Introduction

§ Body

§ Conclusion

§ Bibliographic list

§ Attachments

The main part should be 70% of its total volume. It is inevitably divided into chapters and paragraphs in accordance with the logical structure of the presentation. Each section consists of two or more rubrics; it is desirable that they are approximately the same in volume. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules taking into account the availability of the title page, the correct wording of the purpose, and correctly formatted references. A dissertation must necessarily meet these requirements.

§ Relevance

§ Practical value

§ Compliance with deadlines and a preview by the supervisor

§ Publication of the essential ideas through articles.

Logical structure looms far from immediately. In order to become extremely clear, you have to model the text mentally as a single statement, built as a detailed proof, which is put on defense. It is advisable to develop such a layout in the format of a plan, reflecting on the proper name and location of separate clauses.

It does not need to introduce structural units that are meaningfully out of the scope of the topic or related only indirectly. And the items should be structurally fully revealing the theme. The name of each section should match the content and be equal to it since the chapter represents only one aspect of the selected issue.

After drawing up the scheme, you may proceed to the drafting of the text. A fairly large amount of work suggests that the latter is best written not in its entirety but in small parts, while each of them should fit into the general intellectual plot of the paper.

It is ought to be noted that the content of the dissertation should be confirmed by evidence, and the material used should be reliable and fresh. The most significant thing is to be able to show your deep perception of what is described in the study, present your own arguments obtained as a result of the work. The text has to be perceived easily and be clearly structured.

Differences between Thesis and Dissertation

Experts repeatedly drew attention to the distinction between the types of publications identified. The paper presupposes a full and ambitious exposition of scientific implications received personally by the author. The theses merely state the ideas that belong to both the applicant and other scholars.

The dissertation contains new facts and hypotheses, while theses, along with the latter, may sound methodical or technical solutions already known to the world. In conformity with the accepted standards, the paper has a certain structure and rules of registration, which should be adhered to. There are no strict demands for writing abstracts.

The manuscript of the dissertation is kept in a limited number of copies in certain library institutions; the theses are devoid of such honor and are content only with publications. Its aim is to clarify how clear you understand the topic, outline its dominant points, draw inferences, and reasonably prove them. Your opponent on defense can require them from you to get your idea.

Competent theses indicate the general course of thinking; they tell you about the deep analysis you conducted, confirming your vision of the scientific importance. Public reading of abstracts can be an open discussion; any opponent can object to you, or, on the contrary, agree with the correctness of your thoughts.

Thus, the types of scientific publications mentioned above represent an equal value. The dissertation serves more global aims, while theses may prepare the ground for the presentation of amazing discoveries. Do not neglect them because of their small volume, while they are that small step leading to the top.

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